Riot Glass protects the weakest part of your building – the glass doors and windows – with unbreakable security panels.  Riot Glass security panels are designed to withstand a sustained, repeated assault from determined attackers using sophisticated tools.

The threat today is greater than it has ever been.  Crime is running rampant; police forces are being defunded and governments everywhere are failing to protect their citizens. Businesses, offices, and government buildings are increasingly coming under attack. While burglaries, break-ins, and “Smash and Grab” crimes are “traditional” threats to businesses, they are becoming more widespread and intense. In addition, owners and managers now must concern themselves with a high probability of looting, riots, and civil unrest.

Riot Glass protects glass better than security window films. Security window films are designed to delay entry through glass by 1-2 minutes. Riot Glass denies and delays forced entry. It protects your building, property, and employees against intruders, active shooters, and forced entry attempt better than even the thickest security window films.

About Riot Glass Security Panels

  • Riot Glass provides maximum protection against forced entry, break-ins, and burglaries
  • Riot Glass panels are stronger and tougher than glass
    100% success rate
  • Riot Glass provides around-the-clock passive protection for your glass doors and windows.
  • Riot Glass is effective as soon as it is installed.
  • Better looking and cheaper than unsightly bars, grills, and grates
  • Riot Glass Panels are custom-made to fit your windows and doors to blend into your existing storefront
Technician Installing Riot Glass Security Panels
Picture of storefront with installed riot glass security window

Riot Glass: How It Works

  • It’s simple. Riot Glass stops break-in attempts using sledgehammers, crowbars, knives, pickaxes, bricks, blocks, bats, and more.
  • Does it really work? Riot Glass has proven more effective than any other forced entry protection system including boarding, roll-down gates, and security window film.
  • Constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate sheets, Riot Glass is abrasion and UV ray resistant to help extend the life of the panes. Panels can be installed over existing window glass in many cases.
  • Thanks to its extreme durability, even the lowest level of Riot Glass offers an incomparable level of security. The glass is also relatively easy to clean and needs very little maintenance. It will look good and give your property decades of security and peace of mind.