About Holdfast Security Screens

Holdfast Security Screens is a leading provider of glazing security solutions for homes and businesses. We specialize in providing security screens, security glass and door systems designed to protect residential and commercial properties and storefronts.

Holdfast Security Screens is an offshoot of our sister company, Metro Tint Texas. As Metro Tint Texas, and in previous companies, we have provided security window film solutions for numerous commercial and government projects around the globe. Our list of clients and projects include:

  • 2012 London Olympics
  • European Commission
  • European Capital
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • Various US Embassies in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Shell Oil
  • US Government

After moving to Dallas and focusing on residential market, it became obvious that many homes were in need of higher levels of protection than security window film could provide. We founded Holdfast Security Screens to address that need.

Crimsafe Security Screens provide homes with an extremely high level of protection. For those homes who need or want to secure their home against intruders security screens offer the best option.

And we chose Crimsafe Security Screens because they are the best security screen available in the market today, and we are only interested in offering our customers the highest level of protection our products can provide.

Developed in Australia , over the last 20 years Crimsafe has established itself as the world leader in the stainless steel security screen market.

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